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AirAsia X's new "Xcintilating PhoeniX" logo jet

AirAsia X's new "Xcintilating PhoeniX" logo jet

AirAsia X ( Airbus A330-343 F-WWKD (9M-XXT) (msn 1549) (Xcintilating PhoeniX) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 923817.

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Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 EI-DEA (msn 2191) DUB (SM Fitzwilliams Collection). Image: 909835.

Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 EI-DEA (msn 2191) DUB (SM Fitzwilliams Collection). Image: 909835.

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Best Seller, Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1958

Best Seller, Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1958

Northeast Airlines Douglas DC-3A-191 N16060 (msn 1902) BOS (Bruce Drum Collection). Image: 102358.

Fallen Angels - Departed Airlines from the Past

Roadway Global Air-RGA Boeing 727-82 (F) N357NE (msn 19405) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 103130.

Roadway Global Air-RGA Boeing 727-82 (F) N357NE (msn 19405) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 103130.

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JetBlue's one-off "Binary Code" special livery

JetBlue Airways Airbus A320-232 N709JB (msn 3488) (Binary Code) JFK (Jay Selman). Image: 402360.

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WestJet Airlines Boeing 737-8CT WL C-GWSZ (msn 37092) (Care-antee) YVR (Tony Storck). Image: 905593.

WestJet Airlines Boeing 737-8CT WL C-GWSZ (msn 37092) (Care-antee) YVR (Tony Storck). Image: 905593.

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Airbus A380-841 F-WWDD (msn 004) TLS (Clement Alloing). Image: 908560.

Airbus A380-841 F-WWDD (msn 004) TLS (Clement Alloing). Image: 908560.

Boeing Aircraft (Sampler)

AirTran Airways Boeing 717-231 N932AT (msn 55073) (Brewers 1 - Milwaukee Brewers) BWI (Tony Storck). Image: 904965.

AirTran Airways Boeing 717-231 N932AT (msn 55073) (Brewers 1 - Milwaukee Brewers) BWI (Tony Storck). Image: 904965.

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Tor Air (Small Planet Airlines) Boeing 737-35B ES-LBD (msn 25069) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 907298.

Tor Air (Small Planet Airlines) Boeing 737-35B ES-LBD (msn 25069) ZRH (Rolf Wallner). Image: 907298.

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TAT (Touraine Air Transport) (1st) Fokker F.27 Mk. 200 F-BUTA (msn 10229) ORY (Christian Volpati). Image: 902452.

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  • Thu, 24 Jul 2014 12:34:53 +0000

    Air Algerie/Swiftair flight is missing over Africa, 116 people on board

    Swiftair (Madrid) McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) registered EC-LTV (msn 53190) operating for Air Algerie (Algiers) as flight AH 5017 from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso to Algiers with 110 passengers and 6 crew members is missing. Contact with the airliner has been lost over Mali near Gao about 50 minutes after the takeoff. Both airlines have announced they have lost contact with the crew.

    More details to follow.

    Swiftair logo

    Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum/ Sister ship McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) M814NK became EC-KCX on delivery (msn 49619).

    Swiftair: AG Slide Show

    Air Algerie: AG Slide Show

    Google Maps:
    Swiftair EC-LTV Mali Lost Contact Map

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  • Thu, 24 Jul 2014 11:52:16 +0000

    China Eastern Airlines becomes the first Chinese airline to offer Wi-Fi services over China

    China Eastern Airlines (Shanghai) has begun offering Wi-Fi service over China. The airline issued this statement:

    In a first for the commercial aviation industry in China, China Eastern Airlines (CEA) has begun offering broadband connected flights over China using China Telecom Satellite aeronautical service and Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s (Panasonic) eXConnect system.

    The first of 27 CEA aircraft equipped with a system and service tailored to the unique requirements of China is an Airbus A330 aircraft. Onboard, passengers will experience true broadband Wi-Fi as they surf the web, keep in touch with friends and family through their social networks, and even check their email – all at 35,000 feet. CEA has also selected China Telecom Satellite’s service and Panasonic’s eXConnect system for an additional six Boeing 767s and 20 Boeing 777 aircraft.

    The first aircraft has been dedicated to routes between Shanghai and Beijing, allowing government agencies to observe operation of the service before granting full regulatory approval for operation on additional domestic and international routes.

    China Eastern Airlines said, “We are very excited to offer this extremely exciting service with China Telecom Satellite and Panasonic Avionics. This is a tremendous milestone for China and we look forward to ensuring our passengers are both entertained and productive as they fly.”

    Lv Junli, President of China Telecom Satellite, added, “This is a momentous day for China’s commercial airline industry, and we are very confident of providing better broadband connectivity to China with our partners at China Eastern Airlines and Panasonic.”

    According to Paul Margis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic Avionics, “After years of close collaboration with China Eastern Airlines and China Telecom Satellite, we are now witnessing the next step in the evolution of in-flight entertainment over China. We are very excited to bring in-flight broadband Wi-Fi to this strategic market.”

    About Panasonic Avionics Corporation

    Panasonic Avionics Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of in-flight entertainment and communication systems. The company’s best-in-class solutions, supported by professional maintenance services, fully integrate with the cabin enabling airlines to deliver the ultimate travel experiences with a rich variety of entertainment choices, resulting in improved quality communication systems and solutions, reduced time-to-market and lower overall costs.

    Established in 1979, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, a U.S. corporation, is a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California with over 3,100 employees and operations in 80 locations worldwide, it serves over 200 customers worldwide and provides IFEC systems on over 3,700 aircraft. For additional information, please visit

    About China Telecom Satellite Communications Limited

    Dedicated to satellite communications services, China Telecom Satellite Communications Limited, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom, specializes in the operation of its parent corporation’s satellite communications business. It serves as the resource center, product integration center and professional support center of China Telecom’s satellite communications business, mainly engaged in Satellite mobile communications, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communications, International private line and Satellite broadband access, etc., providing integrated (Aviation/Land/Maritime) satellite communications and broadcasting operating service with characteristics to subscribers.

    Copyright Photo: Steve Bailey/ Brand new Boeing 737-89P WL B-1965 (msn 41473) was just delivered to China Eastern Airlines on July 19, 2014.

    China Eastern Airlines: AG Slide Show

    Filed under: China Eastern Airlines Tagged: 41473, 737, 737-800, 737-89P, B-1965, BFI, Boeing, Boeing 737, Boeing 737-800, Boeing Field, China, China Eastern Airlines, Seattle
  • Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:59:30 +0000

    Allegiant announces its 46th consecutive profitable quarter

    Allegiant Travel Company (Allegiant Air) (Las Vegas) reported net income of $33.5 million for the second quarter 2014, ending on June 30, up 29.8 percent from the previous second quarter net profit of $25.8 million in 2013.

    “We are very proud to report our 46th consecutive profitable quarter,” stated Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Allegiant Travel Company. “We have been working very hard to mitigate the crew training issues that have impacted us in the past two quarters. Although these issues did contribute to operational inefficiencies and incremental costs during this past quarter we are trending in the right direction and hope these issues have minimal impact in the third quarter. On a much more positive note, in June we completed multiple aircraft transactions to add 14 additional aircraft to our future fleet and raised $300 million of debt in the high yield market with very competitive terms. We could not have done this without the tremendous effort of our Team Members.”

    Notable company highlights:

    Increased operating margin, EBITDA margin and return on capital employed versus the same time last year

    Acquired 12 incremental A319 Airbus aircraft for delivery in 2018. See table below for financial impact of this transaction

    Signed agreements to acquire one A320 and one A319 to be in service in 2015 and 2016, respectively

    Entered into a letter of intent to purchase eight A319s, previously committed to under operating leases.

    Two of these are currently under operating lease to Allegiant, one is expected to be delivered in 2014 and five are expected to be delivered in 2015

    In-service Airbus fleet of 10 aircraft accounted for 21.9 percent of total ASM production during the quarter

    Prepaid $121.1 million, 5.75 percent term loan facility due 2017

    Raised $300 million, 5.50 percent senior unsecured notes due 2019, corporate rating of BB- by Standard & Poor’s and Ba3 by Moody’s

    Raised $85.3 million collateralized by 53 MD-80 and six 757 aircraft

    Initiated service on 12 new routes in the second quarter

    Named Top-Performing Airline in North America by Aviation Week for third consecutive year. The Company also has the best five-year average score of any airline worldwide, 76.9, more than 5 points higher than the second-ranked carrier

    Read the full report: CLICK HERE

    Fleet Details:

    Allegiant Fleet Numbers 7.2014 (LRW)



    Copyright Photo: The fleet will grow by 10 aircraft (mainly Airbus A319s and A320s) in the next two years while the Boeing 757s remain constant at six aircraft. Boeing 757-204 N903NV (msn 26966) is tugged off the gate at Los Angeles International Airport.

    Allegiant: AG Slide Show



    Filed under: Allegiant Air, Allegiant Travel Company Tagged: 26966, 757, 757-200, 757-204, Allegiant, Allegiant Air, Allegiant Travel Company, Boeing, Boeing 757, Boeing 757-200, Jr., LAX, Los Angeles, Maurice J. Gallagher, N903NV
  • Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:31:34 +0000

    Airbus A350-941 F-WWYB embarks on the first round-the-world certification trip

    Airbus A350-900 F-WWYB (Around the World)(Tail)(Airbus)(LRW)

    Airbus A350-941 F-WWYB (msn 005) took off this morning from Toulouse for the final stage of certification.

    According to Airbus, “these Route Proving tests are designed to demonstrate readiness for airline operations and will include high airfield performance, auto-landing trials, and airport turnaround and handling services. Some flights will have passengers on board. The A350 world tour itinerary includes 14 major airports worldwide and one route via the North Pole.”

    The world tour using A350 msn 005 test aircraft forms part of the route proving for certification campaign. The aircraft is one of the fleet of five test aircraft and one of two with a fully functional cabin (42 business class and 223 economy class seats). The A350 flights will be operated by Airbus flight crews with the participation of Airworthiness Authority pilots from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

    The tests form part of the last trials required for aircraft Type Certification scheduled for Q3 this year.

    The first airline delivery, to Qatar Airways, will follow towards the end of the year.

    The three week trial (four trips) starts in Toulouse, France.

    Trip one, includes destinations such as Canada via the north-pole and Frankfurt.

    Trip two to Asia, the world’s fastest growing aviation market, includes visits to Hong Kong and Singapore.

    The third trip brings the aircraft to Johannesburg and to Sydney. From Sydney it will fly to Auckland, followed by Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo before returning to Toulouse.

    On the fourth and final trip, the A350 will depart from Toulouse to Doha, then onto Perth and back to Doha. From Doha it will fly to Moscow, then to Helsinki from where it will fly back to Toulouse.

    Today five development A350s are flying and are actively involved in the intensive flight test program, which has already reached over 540 flights and 2,250 flight hours.

    At the end of June 2014, the A350 XWB had won 742 orders from 38 customers worldwide.

    The tour:

    Trip one: Toulouse-Iqaluit-Frankfurt-Toulouse
    Trip two: Toulouse-Hong-Kong-Singapore-Hong-Kong-Toulouse (Hong Kong to Singapore several times)
    Trip three: Toulouse-Johannesburg-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago de Chile-Sao Paulo-Toulouse
    Trip four: Toulouse-Doha-Perth-Doha-Moscow-Helsinki-Toulouse

    Copyright Photo: Airbus. F-WWYB carries special “Around the World” sub-titles.

    Filed under: Airbus Tagged: 005, A350, A350-900, A350-941, Airbus, Airbus A350, Airbus A350-900, certification, F-WWYB, test aircraft, Toulouse
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:20:29 +0000

    Virgin Australia to upgrade the Los Angeles-Brisbane route to daily service on October 26, drops Los Angeles-Melbourne

    Virgin Australia Airlines (Brisbane) has announced that it will increase services between Brisbane and Los Angeles, moving from four roundtrip services per week to daily return services, effective October 26, 2014.

    Following this change, the Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines trans-Pacific joint venture will offer two daily services between Sydney and Los Angeles and one daily service between Brisbane and Los Angeles.

    The additional Brisbane services will be flown by Virgin Australia’s three-class Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

    In order to increase services on the Brisbane route, Virgin Australia will cease services between Melbourne and Los Angeles, with the last flight operating from Melbourne on October 25, 2014. Effective October 26, 2014, there will also be a minor change to the departure time of Sydney to Los Angeles flights to allow an earlier arrival into Los Angeles, creating a more convenient schedule for corporate and leisure travellers. There will be no reduction in Virgin Australia capacity between Australia and the United States following these changes.

    Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ Boeing 777-3ZG VH-VPH (msn 37943) arrives in Los Angeles.

    Virgin Australia: AG Slide Show

    Filed under: Virgin Australia Tagged: 37943, 777, 777-300, 777-3ZG, Australia, Boeing, Boeing 777, Boeing 777-300, Brisbane, LAX, Los Angeles, Melbourne, VH-VPH, Vigin Australia, Virgin Australia
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:46:10 +0000

    Air Canada rouge to introduce Vancouver-Palm Springs seasonal flights on December 18

    Air Canada (Montreal) announced today that it will introduce a new seasonal nonstop service operated by Air Canada rouge (Toronto-Pearson) between Vancouver and Palm Springs, California this winter. Flights to the ‘Golf Capital of the World’ will be operated with Air Canada rouge Airbus A319 aircraft featuring three customer comfort options: rouge, rouge Plus with preferred seating offering additional legroom, and Premium rouge with additional personal space and enhanced service.

    Air Canada rouge flights between Vancouver and Palm Springs, CA will begin on December 18, 2014 and will operate three times weekly until April 12, 2015.

    Air Canada will continue to evaluate future market opportunities as new aircraft are introduced into its mainline fleet and existing aircraft are released for operation by Air Canada rouge as market demand warrants. Since the launch in July 2013 of Air Canada rouge, Air Canada has deployed its leisure carrier to a growing number of Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and select sun destinations in the United States.

    Air Canada rouge operates a fleet consisting of Boeing 767-300ER and Airbus A319 aircraft transferred from Air Canada.

    Air Canada’s mainline fleet renewal is ongoing with the introduction of new aircraft. In May, the airline took delivery of its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner and is scheduled to receive a total of six 787 aircraft in 2014 with the remaining 31 scheduled between 2015 and 2019. In February 2014, Air Canada took delivery of the last of five new Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft to enter its mainline fleet.

    Copyright Photo: TMK Photography/ Airbus A319-114 C-GBHR (msn 785) taxies at the Toronto (Pearson) hub.

    Air Canada: AG Slide Show

    Air Canada rouge: AG Slide Show

    Filed under: Air Canada, Air Canada rouge Tagged: 785, A319, A319--14, A319-100, Air Canada, Air Canada rouge, Airbus, Airbus A319, Airbus A319-100, C-GBHR, Lester B. Pearson International Airpor, Palm Springs, Pearson, Toronto, Vancouver, YYZ
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:12:01 +0000

    The Dutch take over the crash investigation of shot-down Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17

    Malaysia MH 17 Tail Debris (LRW)

    The Dutch Safety Board has issued this statement:

    The Dutch Safety Board took over formal responsibility for the air crash investigation from Ukraine yesterday evening (July 22). The two black boxes have since arrived in the United Kingdom, where they are currently being read out and analyzed by a team of international specialists. The on-site investigation in Ukraine is currently in full swing. Although investigators still do not have safe access to the crash site, work to gather and analyse data from various sources is underway in bothKiev and the Netherlands.

    The first priorities will be to gather information from the crash site, analyse the black boxes and coordinate the international team. Ultimately, the air crash investigation should offer victims families and the international community a clear and comprehensive overview of the causes and course of the crash.

    With the Dutch Safety Board now heading the investigation, the international investigation team will have more freedom to go about its tasks unhindered. The Dutch Safety Board is also responsible for coordinating all participating investigators and investigation teams from the countries involved (Ukraine, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The international team currently consists of 24 investigators. A total of four Dutch Safety Board investigators are currently operating inUkraine.

    Black boxes

    On Tuesday evening (July 22) the two recorders arrived in Kiev from Kharkiv and were handed over to the Dutch Safety Board. They were then shipped by air to theUnited Kingdom, where an international team of specialists is working on the read-out and analysis of the data stored in the recorders. As a part of this effort, the team will also assess whether the black boxes may have been manipulated. The black boxes are expected to provide information relevant to this investigation. The analysis of black box data may take several weeks

    On-site investigation

    At the time of writing, the investigators have not yet been able to visit the site of the crash and conduct their investigation under safe conditions. In order to conduct an effective investigation, the investigators must have the opportunity to move around the entire investigation site freely, investigate materials and traces from up close and secure them for further study where necessary. At present, the investigators’ safety has not been guaranteed. The Dutch Safety Board and other parties involved are continually working to gain access to the accident site, and are working with other parties to organise effective security so that the investigators can do their work under controlled and safe conditions. Despite the fact that evidence and traces have been damaged or lost, the Dutch Safety Board expects it will be able to gather sufficient relevant information from the crash site.

    Over the past few days, investigators have been working on the investigation in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and in the Netherlands on the basis of available film and photo materials and other sources of information.

    Investigation results

    All information gathered as a part of this international investigation will be submitted to the Dutch Safety Board. The Dutch Safety Board will subsequently analyse this information, which will serve as the basis for a report and – where necessary – relevant recommendations. Other investigators or investigation boards will support this process and comment on the draft investigation report and its conclusions. The Dutch Safety Board will have the final say as regards the contents and timing of all publications. If the investigation shows evidence of any criminal or terrorist activities, the information will subsequently be submitted to the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable regulations. The Dutch Safety Board’s investigation will focus on ascertaining facts, rather than apportioning blame.

    In addition to the international accident investigation, the Dutch Safety Board is also conducting two other independent investigations: an investigation into the decision-making process with regard to flight routes and an investigation into the availability of passenger lists. These investigation reports are expected to be published ahead of the main accident report.

    Photo Credit: ANP. The tail section of downed 9M-MRD.

    Filed under: Malaysia Airlines Tagged: 777, Air Crash Investigation, Boeing 777, Crash Investigation, Dutch Safety Board, flight MH 17, latest new for MH 17, Malaysia Airlines, MH 17, The Dutch Safety Board
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 14:41:39 +0000

    TransAsia Airways flight 222 crashes in typhoon-ravaged Penghu Islands, 48 killed

    TransAsia Airways (Taipei) 70-seat ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-600) B-22817 (msn 1145) operating as flight 222 crashed into residential buildings while attempting to make a landing at Magong Airport today (July 23) in the Penghu Islands with 54 passengers and four crew members on board. The brand new turboprop (delivered on May 14, 2014) had aborted its first attempt to land and was making a go around for its second attempt to land when it crashed into the village of Xixi in Penghu’s Huxi Township and burned. The aircraft was attempting to land when the last feeder band of departing Typhoon Matmo was hitting the islands. 48 people died (10 survived with injuries) in the crash according to the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The Penghu Islands are west of Taiwan in the Taiwan Straits.

    Typhoon Matmo slammed into Taiwan yesterday (July 22) with heavy rains and strong winds and was departing the islands as the flight attempted to land.

    TransAsia Airways flight 222 departed Kaohsiung International Airport bound for Magong Airport. The airliner was circling the island waiting for the weather to improve for landing when it lost contact with the tower as the feeder band of the storm lashed the island. The flight had been delayed at Kaohsiung waiting for the storm to pass the offshore islands.

    Read the full report from the BBC (with photos): CLICK HERE

    Copyright Photo: Manuel Negrerie/

    TransAsia Airways: AG Slide Show

    TransAsia Airways logo


    Google Maps:

    TransAsia ATR 72 Crash Map

    Filed under: TransAsia Airways Tagged: Airplane Crash, ATR, ATR 72, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Crash, Kaohsiung International Airport, Magong Airport, Penghu Islands, TransAsia Airways, TransAsia Airways flight 222
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 13:18:26 +0000

    Gulf Air adds its first retrofitted Airbus A330-200

    Gulf Air (Bahrain) received its first retrofitted Airbus A330-200 aircraft at Bahrain International Airport today (July 23), arriving from Canada. The plane is newly configured for a total of 214 seats in a two-class configuration of 30 Falcon Gold Class and 184 Economy seats with significant enhancements across both cabins.

    Gulf Air A330-200 Cabin (Gulf Air)(LRW)

    Copyright Photo: Gulf Air.

    The revamped A330 product introduces fully-flat bed seats in the airline’s Falcon Gold Class, upgraded seats in Economy Class and a state-of-the-art in-flight-entertainment system throughout, and was designed specifically for Gulf Air, integrating features based on passenger feedback.

    Realized by three key partners: Avianor, Zodiac Aerospace and BE, the aircraft’s new Falcon Gold seats convert into fully-flat beds measuring 1.90 meters in length guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep. The Falcon Gold seats offer more personal space between seats than the airline’s previous A330 business class product, allowing passengers to sit back and relax in a 22-inch wide armchair that converts easily into the passenger’s desired position. The new Economy Class seats offer passengers the very latest in comfort: a greater recline to compliment an 18-inch seat-width and an adjustable head and foot rest that allows greater passenger relaxation.

    All seats in Gulf Air’s upgraded A330 aircraft include an integrated Audio-Video on Demand (AVOD) feature, an individual touch screen (15-inch in Falcon Gold class and 9-inch in Economy) in every seat and high quality headphones. A suite of movies, video and audio titles in several languages are on offer, in addition to games. A USB port is available in every seat to allow passengers to easily charge electronic devices.

    Gulf Air’s second retrofitted A330 is scheduled to arrive in early August while the carrier’s A330 fleet retrofit is scheduled to be completed by the last quarter of 2014.

    Gulf Air’s A330 aircraft are used primarily on London and Bangkok routes.

    Top Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner/ Airbus A330-243 A9C-KJ (msn 992) taxies at Zurich.

    Gulf Air: AG Slide Show

    Filed under: Gulf Air Tagged: 992, A330, A330-200, A330-243, A9C-KJ, Airbus, Airbus A330, Airbus A330-200, Gulf Air, ZRH, Zurich
  • Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:23:39 +0000

    Delta reports second quarter net income of $889 million

    Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) today reported financial results for the second quarter (June quarter). Key points include:

    Delta’s pre-tax income for the June 2014 quarter was $1.4 billion, excluding special items1, an increase of $593 million over the June 2013 quarter on a similar basis. Delta’s net income for the June 2014 quarter was $889 million, or $1.04 per diluted share, and its operating margin was 15.1 percent, excluding special items.

    On a GAAP basis which includes special items, Delta’s pre-tax income was $1.3 billion, operating margin was 14.9 percent and net income was $801 million, or $0.94 per diluted share.

    Results include $340 million in profit sharing expense in recognition of Delta employees’ contributions toward achieving the company’s financial goals.

    Delta generated over $2 billion of operating cash flow and $1.5 billion of free cash flow during the June 2014 quarter. As of mid-July, the company has used its strong cash generation in 2014 to reduce its adjusted net debt below $8 billion, contribute more than $900 million of funding to its defined benefit pension plans, and return $550 million to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

    “Delta’s performance this quarter, with 9 percent top line growth, more than 4 points of margin expansion and $1.5 billion of free cash flow, shows the financial strength and resilience of our company. We expect our September quarter performance will be even stronger, as we expand our operating margins to 15-17% and further improve our profitability,” said Delta chief executive officer Richard Anderson. “All credit goes to Delta people worldwide who not only produced this record financial performance, but also continue to lead the industry in operational reliability and customer satisfaction.”

    Revenue Environment

    Delta’s operating revenue improved 9 percent, or $914 million, in the June 2014 quarter compared to the June 2013 quarter, driven by continued strength in corporate and domestic revenues. Traffic increased 5.0 percent on a 3.2 percent increase in capacity.

    Passenger revenue increased 9 percent, or $772 million, compared to the prior year period. Passenger unit revenue (PRASM) increased 5.7 percent year-over-year with a 3.8 percent improvement in yield. Seat-related products and other merchandising initiatives increased revenues by $45 million versus the prior year period.

    Cargo revenue decreased 1 percent, or $2 million, as lower freight yields were partially offset by higher volumes.

    Other revenue increased 15 percent, or $144 million, driven by higher joint venture and SkyMiles revenues.

    Cost Performance

    Consolidated unit cost excluding fuel expense, profit sharing and special items (CASM-Ex2), was flat in the June 2014 quarter on a year-over-year basis as the benefits of Delta’s domestic refleeting and other cost initiatives offset the company’s investments in its employees, products and operations. GAAP consolidated CASM decreased 0.4 percent.

    Total operating expense in the quarter increased $249 million year-over-year driven by higher revenue- and volume-related expenses and $222 million higher profit sharing expense. These cost increases were partially offset by lower fuel expense and savings from Delta’s cost initiatives.

    Fuel expense declined $168 million driven by hedge benefits, refinery profits and prior year mark to market adjustments that offset higher market fuel prices and higher consumption. Delta’s average fuel price was $2.93 per gallon for the June quarter, which includes $99 million in settled hedge gains. Operations at the refinery produced a $13 million profit for the June quarter, a $64 million improvement year-over-year.

    Excluding special items, non-operating expense declined by $58 million as a result of lower interest expense, lower foreign exchange impact, and a $7 million gain associated with Delta’s 49 percent ownership stake in Virgin Atlantic. Including a $111 million special item for loss on extinguishment of debt resulting from Delta’s debt reduction initiatives, non-operating expense for the quarter increased by $53 million.

    Tax expense increased $496 million compared to the prior year quarter, as the company now recognizes tax expense for financial reporting purposes following the reversal of its tax valuation allowance at the end of 2013.

    “With our domestic refleeting continuing and our cost initiatives taking hold, we have been able to keep our non-fuel unit cost growth below 2 percent for each of the last four quarters,” said Paul Jacobson,

    Delta’s chief financial officer. “Not only are these initiatives driving our current performance, but they are also building a foundation for sustaining this performance into the future.”

    Cash Flow

    Cash from operations during the June 2014 quarter was $2.1 billion, driven by the company’s June quarter profit and the normal seasonal increase in advance ticket sales, which were partially offset by $300 million in contributions to the defined benefit pension plan. The company generated $1.5 billion of free cash flow.

    Capital expenditures during the June 2014 quarter were $520 million, including $343 million in fleet investments. During the quarter, Delta’s net debt maturities and capital leases were $851 million.

    With its strong cash generation year to date, the company has returned $550 million to shareholders as of mid-July. Through its $0.06 per share quarterly dividend, the company paid $101 million to shareholders. In addition, the company repurchased 12.4 million shares at an average price of $36.33 for a total of $450 million. These repurchases represent $200 million under the May 2014 $2 billion authorization, in addition to completing the May 2013 $500 million authorization.

    Delta ended the quarter with $6.0 billion of unrestricted liquidity and adjusted net debt of $7.9 billion. The company has now achieved more than $9 billion in net debt reduction since 2009.

    Jacobson continued, “By taking a balanced approach to capital deployment, Delta has been able to invest more than $1 billion in our fleet and other products, while also reducing our debt to its lowest level in twenty years, contributing over $900 million to our pension plans, and returning $550 million to shareholders so far this year.”

    Company Highlights

    Delta has a strong commitment to its employees, customers and the communities it serves. Key accomplishments in the June 2014 quarter include:

    Recognizing the achievements of Delta employees toward meeting the company’s financial and operational goals with $476 million of incentives so far this year, including accruing $439 million in employee profit sharing and paying $37 million in Shared Rewards;

    Improving its global network with new service connecting Delta’s hubs in New York and Seattle/Tacoma with the key business destinations of London-Heathrow, Zurich, Rome, Hong Kong and Seoul;

    Announcing an order for 15 Airbus A321 aircraft, adding to the 30 aircraft of this type already on order. These economically efficient, proven-technology aircraft will provide an improved customer experience as they replace similar, less-efficient domestic aircraft that are being retired as part of the Delta’s domestic fleet restructuring;

    Completing modifications on its international widebody fleet, making Delta the only U.S. carrier to offer full flat-bed seats with direct aisle access in BusinessElite and personal, on-demand entertainment at every seat on all long-haul international flights; and

    Celebrating the grand opening of the new Delta Flight Museum, which coincided with the 85th anniversary of Delta’s first passenger service. The museum is housed in the airline’s two original maintenance hangars with exhibits that chronicle more than eight decades of Delta history and the growth and development of commercial aviation.

    Special Items

    Delta recorded a net $88 million special items charge in the June 2014 quarter, including:

    a $69 million charge for debt extinguishment associated with Delta’s debt reduction initiative; and
    a $20 million charge associated with Delta’s domestic fleet restructuring.

    Delta recorded a net $159 million special items charge in the June 2013 quarter, including:

    a $125 million mark-to-market adjustment on fuel hedges settling in future periods; and
    a $34 million charge for facilities, fleet and other items, primarily associated with Delta’s domestic fleet restructuring.

    Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ Boeing 757-2Q8 N709TW (msn 28168) arrives in New York (JFK) with a special tribute to retired New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera “42″.

    Delta Air Lines (current): AG Slide Show

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    Hawaiian signs a MOU for six new Airbus A330-800neo aircraft, reports 2Q GAAP net income of $27.3 million

    Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu) today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Airbus to acquire six new Airbus A330-800neo aircraft starting in 2019, with rights to purchase an additional six aircraft as part of the carrier’s vision to serve farther nonstop destinations from Hawai’i.

    Hawaiian A330-800neo (01)(Flt)(Hawaiian)(LRW)

    Image: Airbus.

    The order replaces Hawaiian Airline’s existing order for six Airbus A350XWB-800 aircraft, which were due for delivery from 2017. Hawaiian Airline’s overall capital commitments will decrease in absolute terms and will be pushed further into the future. For the period through the end of 2018, this amounts to $500 million. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but the aircraft have a total list-price value of approximately $2.9 billion if all of the purchase rights are exercised.

    “The A330-800neo’s fuel efficiency, additional range and commonality with our existing A330 fleet makes the A330-800neo an elegant solution to our need for growth aircraft toward the end of this decade,” said Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Airlines president and chief executive officer.

    The A330-800neo wide-body is similar in size to Hawaiian Airline’s A330-200 which seats 294 passengers in a two class configuration (First and Coach), and will incorporate aerodynamic enhancements and new cabin features. The new aircraft will have up to a 400-nautical mile increase in range and reduced fuel consumption by 14 percent per seat with the latest generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

    Hawaiian Airlines currently operates a fleet of 50 aircraft, comprised of 29 wide-body, long-haul aircraft (294-seat A330-200 aircraft and 252 to 264-seat Boeing 767-300 aircraft), 18 narrow-body 118 to 123-seat Boeing 717-200 aircraft and three 48-seat ATR 42-500 for Neighbor Island flights.

    Hawaiian Airline’s existing orders include an additional four new A330-200s for delivery by 2015 and 16 narrow-body A321neo aircraft starting in 2017.

    On the financial side, the company issued this statement for the second quarter:

    Hawaiian Holdings, Inc., parent company of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc., today reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2014.

    GAAP net income in the second quarter of $27.3 million or $0.43 per diluted share.

    Adjusted net income, reflecting economic fuel expense, in the second quarter of $22.4 million or $0.35 per diluted share, an increase of $9.7 million or $0.11 cents per diluted share year-over-year.
    Passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM) increase of 4.1% and operating revenue per available seat mile (RASM) increase of 6.7%.

    Unrestricted cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $564 million.

    “The same trajectory of substantially improving financial performance was evident in the second quarter as it has been over the last few quarters,” said Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Airlines president and chief executive officer. “Strong demand across our geographies, good macro-economic conditions, stable fuel prices and good cost control inside the business all played their part. Absent changes to the environment or competitor behavior, our prospects in the back half of the year look similar. As ever, we continue to build the business with new routes, this summer featuring our first flights from North America to Kaua’i and the island of Hawai’i, and a host of customer improvements including the roll out of our extra comfort economy section of the aircraft. Our wonderful employees continue to deliver the level of service on the ground and in the air that set the standard for others to aspire to. Without their dedication, none of this would be possible.”

    Liquidity and Capital Resources

    As of June 30, 2014 the Company had:

    Unrestricted cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $564 million.

    Available borrowing capacity of $69.4 million under Hawaiian’s Revolving Credit Facility.

    Outstanding debt and capital lease obligations of approximately $1,071 million consisting of the following:

    $708 million outstanding under secured loan agreements to finance a portion of the purchase price for eleven Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

    $146 million outstanding under secured loan agreements to finance a portion of the purchase price for 15 Boeing 717-200 aircraft.

    $106 million in capital lease obligations to finance the acquisition of an Airbus A330-200, two Boeing 717-200 aircraft and aircraft-related equipment.

    $32 million outstanding under floating rate notes for two Boeing 767-300 ER aircraft.
    $79 million of outstanding Convertible Senior Notes.

    Top Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ The new Airbus A330-800neo aircraft will supplement the current Airbus A330-200s and allow the airline to finally retire the older Boeing 767-300 ERs. Airbus A330-243 N383HA (msn 1217) prepares to land in New York (JFK).

    Hawaiian: AG Slide Show


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    La Compagnie launches scheduled business class operations to Newark

    La Compagnie (formerly Dreamjet) (Paris-CDG) yesterday (July 21) evening launched its business class passenger operations. Flight BO 100 departed at 18:30 from Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Newark with the pictured Boeing 757-256 F-HTAG (msn 29307).

    Copyright Photo: Manuel Negrerie/

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    Asiana to add the Airbus A380 on the Seoul-Los Angeles route now on August 20

    Asiana Airlines (Seoul-Incheon) has moved forward the start of Airbus A380 service on the route to Los Angeles to August 20, instead of August 26 per Airline Route.

    Copyright Photo: Gerd Beilfuss/

    Asiana Airlines:

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  • Tue, 22 Jul 2014 16:16:44 +0000

    Southwest Airlines adds the Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network logo (large)

    Southwest Airlines (Dallas) in a move that will excite your kids, along with the Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. announced today it will add Cartoon Network to the carrier’s inflight entertainment portal, which streams free live television programming to passengers’ WiFi-equipped personal electronic devices at all phases of flight, compliments of DISH®. Content from Cartoon Network’s popular programming such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Ben 10 Omniverse is now available for inflight viewing. Cartoon Network is the airline’s first complete child-centric programming being offered onboard all Southwest WiFi-equipped aircraft, representing nearly 80 percent of the airline’s fleet. The streaming TV service is provided through leading inflight content and connectivity partner Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. Cartoon Network programming is being provided by Turner Private Networks, a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting that creates and distributes content for out-of-home networks.

    Southwest Airlines: AG Slide Show

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    Delta suspends its flights to Israel due to the on-going violence

    Delta Air Lines (Atlanta) today suspended all flights to Tel Aviv, Israel due to nearby rocket attacks according to CNN. Today’s flight DL 469 from New York (JFK) diverted to Paris (Charles de Gualle).

    The suspension is for 24 hours.

    The suspension of service to Israel comes after the State Department issued this statement:

    The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza due to ongoing hostilities. The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens consider the deferral of non-essential travel to Israel and the West Bank and reaffirms the longstanding strong warning to U.S. citizens against any travel to the Gaza Strip. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning issued on February 3, 2014.

    The security environment remains complex in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, and U.S. citizens need to be aware of the risks of travel to these areas because of the current conflict between Hamas and Israel.

    The Department of State continues its longstanding strong warning to U.S. citizens against travel to the Gaza Strip; U.S. government employees are not allowed to conduct official or personal travel there. Please see the section below on the situation in the Gaza Strip. Because of the security situation, the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv and its annexes are currently operating at reduced staffing and the Consular Section of the Embassy is providing only emergency consular services. The U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem is currently maintaining normal operations, including consular services.

    Long-range rockets launched from Gaza since July 8, 2014 have reached many locations in Israel – including Tel Aviv, cities farther north, and throughout the south of the country. Some rockets have reached Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank, including Bethlehem and Hebron. While many rockets have been intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, there have been impacts that have caused damage and injury. In light of the ongoing rocket attacks, U.S. citizen visitors to and U.S. citizen residents of Israel and the West Bank should familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest bomb shelter or other hardened site, if available. Visitors should seek information on shelters from hotel staff or building managers. Consult city municipality websites, such as those for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for lists of public bomb shelters and other emergency preparedness information. Visitors should follow the instructions of the Home Front Command on proper procedures in the event of rocket attacks.

    Travelers should avoid areas of Israel in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip due to the real risks presented by small arms fire, anti-tank weapons, rockets, and mortars, as attacks from Gaza can come with little or no warning. Both Embassy and Consulate General personnel are currently not permitted to travel south of greater Tel Aviv without prior approval. On July 17, 2014 Israel announced the commencement of ground operations in Gaza. Visitors to these areas should remain aware of their surroundings and should take note of announcements and guidance provided by the Home Front Command.

    Ben Gurion Airport is currently open and commercial flights are operating normally, although delays and cancellations can occur. Travelers should check with their airline prior to their planned travel to verify the flight schedule. U.S. citizens seeking to depart Israel or the West Bank are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

    We are not evacuating U.S. citizens out of Israel. U.S. government-facilitated evacuations occur only when no safe commercial alternatives exist. Evacuation assistance is provided on a cost-recovery basis, which means the traveler must reimburse the U.S. government for travel costs. The lack of a valid U.S. passport may hinder U.S. citizens’ ability to depart the country and may slow the U.S. Embassy or

    Consulate General’s ability to provide assistance.

    U.S. citizens who do travel to or remain in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza should take into consideration the rules governing travel by U.S. government employees:

    U.S. government personnel are not permitted to conduct official or personal travel to the Gaza Strip;
    U.S. government personnel are restricted from conducting personal travel to most parts of the West Bank; travel for official business is done with special security arrangements coordinated by the U.S.

    Consulate General in Jerusalem;

    Currently, because of the security situation, U.S. government personnel are not permitted to travel south of greater Tel Aviv without prior approval;

    U.S. government personnel must notify Embassy Tel Aviv’s Regional Security Officer before traveling in the areas of the Golan Heights and are prohibited from traveling east of Rt. 98 in the Golan Heights;

    U.S. government personnel are not permitted to use public buses anywhere in Israel or the West Bank due to past attacks on public transportation.

    Major Metropolitan Areas in Israel

    Personal safety conditions in major metropolitan areas, including Tel Aviv and Haifa and their surrounding regions, are comparable to or better than those in other major global cities. Please see below for specific information regarding Jerusalem. Visitors should observe appropriate personal security practices to reduce their vulnerability to crime, particularly late at night or in isolated or economically depressed areas, including in the countryside. Visitors are advised to avoid large gatherings or demonstrations and keep current with local news, which is available through numerous English language sources.

    The Government of Israel has had a long-standing policy of issuing gas masks to its citizens and, starting in 2010, it began issuing replacement masks. It stopped this distribution process in early 2014 in response to regional events. Visitors and foreign residents in Israel are not issued masks and must individually procure them, if desired. The U.S. Embassy and Consulate General do not provide gas masks for persons who are not U.S. government employees or their dependents. For further emergency preparedness guidance, please visit the website of the Government of Israel’s Home Front Command, which provides information on how to choose a secure space in a home or apartment, as well as a list of the types of protective kits (gas masks) issued by the Government of Israel to its citizens.

    Gaza Vicinity

    The Department of State recommends against travel to areas of Israel in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip. Travelers should be aware of the risks presented by the current military conflict between Hamas and Israel. On July 17, 2014 Israel announced the commencement of ground operations in Gaza. Travelers in the regions immediately bordering Gaza may encounter small arms fire, anti-tank weapons, rockets, and mortars launched from inside Gaza toward Israeli cities and towns. These attacks can come with little or no warning. Visitors to these areas should remain aware of their surroundings and of the location of bomb shelters and should take note of announcements and guidance provided by the Home Front Command.

    Travelers should also be aware of the heightened state of alert maintained by Israeli authorities along Israel’s border with Egypt. There have been cross-border incidents from Egypt, including rocket attacks and ground incursions, such as an attack that took place in August 2013 and one on January 20, 2014. Rockets were fired from Sinai in the direction of Eilat on July 15, 2014.

    Northern Israel

    Rocket attacks into Israel from Lebanon have occurred without warning along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Tensions have increased along portions of the Disengagement Zone with Syria in the Golan Heights as a result of the internal conflict occurring in Syria. Sporadic gunfire has occurred along the border region. There have been several incidents of mortar shells and light arms fire impacting on the Israeli-controlled side of the zone as a result of spillover from the fighting in Syria. Travelers should be aware that cross-border gunfire can occur without warning. Furthermore, there are active land mines in areas of the Golan Heights, so visitors should walk only on established roads or trails. The Syrian conflict is sporadic and unpredictable. U.S. government personnel must notify the Embassy’s Regional Security Office in advance if they plan to visit the Golan Heights and are prohibited from traveling east of Rt. 98 in the Golan Heights.


    U.S. citizens should be aware of the possibility of isolated street protests, particularly within the Old City and areas around Salah Ed-Din Street, Damascus Gate, Silwan, and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Travelers should exercise caution at religious sites on Fridays and on holy days, including during Ramadan. U.S. government employees are prohibited from entering the Old City on Fridays during the month of Ramadan due to congestion and security-related access restrictions.

    U.S. government employees are prohibited from transiting Independence Park in central Jerusalem during the hours of darkness due to reports of criminal activity.

    The Consulate General notes that recent demonstrations and clashes in several East Jerusalem areas, such as Shufat, Beit Hanina, Mt. of Olives, As Suwaneh, Abu Deis, Silwan, Shuafat Refugee Camp, inside the Old City (near Lions Gate), Issawiyeh, and Tsur Baher appear to have diminished, although the possibility exists of renewed clashes in the same areas during evenings. We note that the clashes and demonstrations have not been anti-American in nature. The Israel National Police (INP) continues to have a heavy presence in many of the neighborhoods that have had clashes and may restrict vehicular traffic to some of these neighborhoods without notice. We advise citizens not to enter any neighborhoods restricted by the INP and to avoid any locations that have active clashes ongoing.

    The Shufat neighborhood of Jerusalem remains off-limits for official U.S. personnel and their families at night until further notice. The Old City of Jerusalem is also off-limits every day after dark for official U.S. personnel and their families until further notice. Official U.S. personnel are restricted from the Old City of Jerusalem at all times on Fridays during Ramadan. The Friday restriction is part of our standard policy, due to overall congestion and large crowds, and is not related to recent events.

    The West Bank

    The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to exercise caution when traveling to the West Bank. Demonstrations and violent incidents can occur without warning, and vehicles are regularly targeted by rocks, Molotov cocktails, and gunfire on West Bank roads. U.S citizens have been killed in such attacks. There have also been an increasing number of violent incidents involving Israeli settlers and Palestinian villagers in the corridor stretching from Ramallah to Nablus, including attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian villages in which U.S. citizens have suffered injury or property damage, and attacks by Palestinians on settlements. U.S. citizens can be caught in the middle of potentially dangerous situations, and some U.S. citizens involved in political demonstrations in the West Bank have sustained serious injuries. The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens, for their own safety, avoid all demonstrations. During periods of unrest, the Israeli Government may restrict access to the West Bank, and some areas may be placed under curfew. All persons in areas under curfew should remain indoors to avoid arrest or injury. Security conditions in the West Bank may hinder the ability of consular staff to offer timely assistance to U.S. citizens.

    Personal travel in the West Bank by U.S. government personnel and their families is permitted to the towns of Bethlehem and Jericho and on Routes 1, 443, and 90. Personal travel is also permitted to Qumran off Route 90 by the Dead Sea, as are stops at roadside facilities along Routes 1 and 90. All other personal travel by U.S. government personnel in the West Bank is prohibited. U.S. government personnel routinely travel to the West Bank for official business, but do so with special security arrangements.

    The Gaza Strip

    The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization. U.S. citizens in Gaza are advised to depart immediately. The security environment within Gaza, including its border with Egypt and its seacoast, is dangerous and volatile. Exchanges of fire between the Israel Defense Forces and militant groups in Gaza take place regularly, and civilians have been caught in the crossfire in the past. Although the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt normally allows for some passenger travel, prior coordination with local authorities — which could take days or weeks to process — is generally required, and crossing points may be closed for days or weeks. Travelers who enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing must also exit through the Rafah crossing, and those entering the Gaza Strip may not be able to depart at a time of their choosing. Many U.S. citizens have been unable to exit Gaza or faced lengthy delays in doing so. Furthermore, the schedule and requirements for exiting through the Rafah crossing are unpredictable and can involve significant expense. Because U.S. citizen employees of the U.S. government are not allowed to enter the Gaza Strip or have contact with Hamas, the ability of consular staff to offer timely assistance to U.S. citizens, including assistance departing Gaza, is extremely limited.

    Entry/Exit Difficulties

    Some U.S. citizens holding Israeli nationality, possessing a Palestinian identity card, or who are of Arab or Muslim origin have experienced significant difficulties in entering or exiting Israel or the West Bank. U.S. citizens planning to travel to Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza should consult the detailed information concerning entry and exit difficulties in the Country Specific Information.

    Contact the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy for information and assistance in Israel, the Golan Heights, and ports of entry at Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa Port, the northern (Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein) and southern (Arava) border crossings connecting Israel and Jordan, and the border crossings between Israel and Egypt. An embassy officer can be contacted at (972) (3) 519-7575 from Monday through Friday during working hours. The after-hours emergency number is (972) (3) 519-7551.

    Contact the Consular Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem for information and assistance in Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge crossing between the West Bank and Jordan, at (972) (2) 630-4000 from Monday through Friday during working hours. The after-hours emergency number is (972) (2) 622-7250.

    Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ Boeing 747-451 N663US (msn 23818) prepares to land in Tokyo (Narita).

    Delta Air Lines (current): AG Slide Show

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  • Tue, 22 Jul 2014 15:18:24 +0000

    IATA makes a statement about Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17

    IATA logo

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA), representing the international airlines, has made the following statement of the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines:

    Statement of IATA’s Director General and CEO Tony Tyler:

    “The tragedy of MH 17 is an outrage. Over the weekend it was confirmed that the passengers and crew aboard the aircraft were the victims of a hideous crime. It was also an attack against the air transport system which is an instrument of peace.

    Among the immediate priorities, the bodies of the victims must be returned to their grieving loved ones in a respectful manner. For over four days we witnessed appalling sights from the crash scene. Governments must set aside their differences and treat the victims and their families with the dignity they deserve – and this includes urgently securing the site.

    The investigation must also start quickly and with total freedom and access. Actions over the weekend which slowed down progress on both of these priorities were an outrage to human decency.

    We have heard news of potential progress on both these issues. But promises now need to be turned into reality with actions.

    Airlines and governments are partners in supporting global connectivity. Airlines carry the passengers and cargo. Governments and air navigation service providers inform airlines about the routes that they can fly and with what restrictions. Airlines comply with that guidance.

    That was the case with MH 17. Malaysia Airlines was a clearly identified commercial jet. And it was shot down—in complete violation of international laws, standards and conventions—while broadcasting its identity and presence on an open and busy air corridor at an altitude that was deemed to be safe.

    No effort should be spared in ensuing that this outrage is not repeated. Of course, nobody should be shooting missiles at civilian aircraft—governments or separatists. Governments will need to take the lead in reviewing how airspace risk assessments are made. And the industry will do all that it can to support governments, through ICAO, in the difficult work that lies ahead.

    This was a terrible crime. But flying remains safe. And everyone involved in global air transport is fully dedicated to making it even safer.”

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    Emirates launches the shortest Airbus A380 flight

    Emirates (Dubai) on July 16 launched a new Airbus A380 service to Kuwait City, the world’s shortest scheduled A380 flight.

    The arrival of the upgraded EK 857 service, which touched down at Kuwait International Airport, marks 25 years of Emirates’ flights to the country.

    The Emirates’ A380 flight to Kuwait is just one hour and 45 minutes, the shortest A380 service in operation today. Since 2008, the airline has carried 27.5 million travelers on its now 50 A380s.

    Kuwait is only the second market in the Middle East to be served by the airline’s flagship aircraft after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Flight EK 857 leaves Dubai at 1600 and arrives in Kuwait at 1645 local time. Flight EK 858 departs Kuwait at 1825 and lands in Dubai at 2110.

    Copyright Photo: Andi Hiltl/ Airbus A380-861 A6-EDO (msn 057) departs from Zurich.



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  • Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:51:21 +0000

    Reuters: Hong Kong Airlines to cancel its order for 10 Airbus A380s

    Hong Kong Airlines logo

    Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong) is preparing to cancel its order for 10 Airbus A380s according to Reuters.

    Airbus stated the order remains on their order book.

    Read the full report: CLICK HERE

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    Virgin America and GoPro partner with a new airborne channel

    Virgin America (San Francisco) has partnered with the hot stock and camera company, GoPro, for a new airborne channel. The airline issued this statement through its blog:

    Day dreaming from a mood-lit chair in the sky is tough to beat. If you’re looking to infuse those dreams with a little action and adventure, you may want to check out the GoPro® Channel on our Red™ seatback entertainment system.

    Virgin America GoPro Channel

    Channel 8 has tons of thrilling content from rooftop fire breathing to hugging lions in Africa – all of which were all captured using GoPro’s HERO3+ Black Edition camera. “Be a Hero” at your destination by making a few adventure videos of your own.

    Here is a typical video using the GoPro:


    Do you have an airline-theme video using the GoPro camera? Let us know and we will promote your video.

    Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/ Airbus A320-214 N851VA (msn 4999) completes its final approach to the runway at Los Angeles.

    Virgin America: AG Slide Show

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    Sun Country to add three seasonal destinations this winter

    Sun Country Airlines (Minneapolis/St. Paul) is expanding in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America this coming winter with new seasonal service. The airline will start weekly service from MSP to St. Maarten (December 20 through April 4), Manzanillo (January 8 through April 2) and Rio Hato (near Panama City) December 26 through April 3 per Airline Route.

    Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems/ Boeing 737-752 N714SY (msn 33786) taxies at Los Angeles.

    Sun Country Airlines: AG Slide Show

    Route Map:

    Sun Country 7.2014 Route Map

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  • Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:37:14 +0000

    Where not to fly?

    FAA logo

    With the shoot down and crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 that was traveling at 33,000 feet over eastern Ukraine on a long range flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, many international passengers are now wondering where not to fly when they travel on long range international flights. The amount of international conflict areas, i. e. war zones, is increasing. Of course, the introduction of sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons is now a major concern in some of these conflict areas.

    Do you know where your flight is being routed, especially between Europe and Asia?

    For guidance, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has advised U. S. carriers to not fly in these dangerous areas. The Washington Post has produced this excellent map and report on the most dangerous overflight areas in the world.

    Read the full report: CLICK HERE

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    Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 is hit by a rocket and burns at Tripoli, other airliners damaged, others flee Libya

    Afriqiyah A330-200 Fire Tripoli (Grd)(Mohanid Elghadi)(LR)

    Afriqiyah Airways (Tripoli) has lost a relatively new Airbus A330-200 (5A-ONF) at its Tripoli base after a rocket reportedly hit the parked A330 at the gate and the empty airliner quickly burned. There are now photos showing the destruction.

    According to Malta Today, “Several Grad rocket struck the airport late on Monday, July 14 destroying 90% of the planes parked there, including a $250 million Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330.”

    The fighting by the two militia groups to control the the airport after a cease fire failed to hold continues today. The undamaged airliners and crews are being flown out of the country.

    According to the Ottawa Citizen, “The weeklong fight over the airport is being waged by a powerful militia from the western city of Zintan, which controls the facility, and Islamist-led militias, including fighters from Misrata, east of Tripoli. The clashes resumed early Sunday (July 20) after cease-fire efforts failed.”

    Read the full story from Malta Today: CLICK HERE

    Read the full story from the Ottawa Citizen: CLICK HERE

    Twitter photos by Mohanid Elghadi. Read his full report: CLICK HERE

    Afriqiyah logo

    Afriqiyah Airways: AG Slide Show

    Afriqiyah A330-200 Fire Tripoli (Grd-1)(Mohanid Elghadi)(LR)

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  • Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:50:48 +0000

    WestJet to add Loreto, Mexico and Fredericton

    WestJet (Calgary) has announced the 2014-2015 winter schedule featuring two new destinations, one new route and increased frequency on 19 additional routes. Twice-daily nonstop service between Toronto (Pearson) and Fredericton, New Brunswick begins on April 15, 2015, and weekly nonstop service between Calgary and Loreto, Mexico, launches on February 14, 2015. Weekly flights between Winnipeg and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood operate Saturdays starting on November 1, 2014.

    Flights to Fredericton will be operated by WestJet Encore (Calgary) using its fleet of 78-seat, Canadian-made Bombardier DHC-8-402 (marketed as the Q400) NextGen aircraft.

    Earlier this year, WestJet unveiled four additional new routes as part the 2014-2015 winter schedule.

    WestJet Encore service between Calgary and Penticton begins October 26, 2014, Edmonton to Kamloops service starts February 15, 2015, and Quebec City welcomes twice-daily flights beginning March 15, 2015. Daily WestJet service between Toronto and Phoenix launches October 26, 2014.

    WestJet Encore was launched in June 2013 operating 10 departures daily to two destinations with two aircraft and 131 employees. Today, it operates 90 departures daily to 19 destinations with 12 aircraft and approximately 500 employees.

    Copyright Photo: Wingnut/ Captured at an unusual angle, Boeing 737-8CT C-GAWS (msn 38880) with the special #100 Boeing 737 NG markings taxies at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

    WestJet: AG Slide Show

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  • Sun, 20 Jul 2014 13:28:29 +0000

    Flyvista receives its first Boeing 737, plans to start operations in August

    Flyvista 737-300 4L-AJC (14)(Nose)(Flyvista)(LRW)

    Flyvista (Tbilisi) is a new airline in the Republic of Georgia. The airline received its first aircraft, the pictured Boeing 737-33R registered as 4L-AJC (msn 28873), on July 10. It is being leased from GECAS.

    The new airline is planning to launch operations in August.

    The company describes its plans on its website:

    Flyvista, the new Georgian low-cost carrier plans to launch operations in the coming months.

    Utilizing a moderately sized fleet of Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 aircraft, the airline intends to offer affordable flights to neighboring countries from its base in the country’s capital, Tbilisi.

    Definitive network plans haven’t been disclosed, but several destinations have been highlighted as likely, such as Almaty (Kazakhstan); Baku (Azerbaijan); Istanbul (Turkey); Kiev, (Ukraine); Minsk, (Belarus); Moscow, (Russia); Prague (Czech Republic) and Tehran, (Iran).

    Flyvista is a partner of Aerovista, an aircraft leasing, charter and management solutions provider.

    Copyright Photo: Flyvista.

    flyVista large logo


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    Airbus reviews its successful week at Farnborough
  • Sun, 20 Jul 2014 12:11:20 +0000

    IAM members ratify three contracts with US Airways

    US Airways (part of the American Airlines Group) (Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth) has issued this statement:

    Mechanics and Related, Fleet Service, and Maintenance Training Specialists workgroups at US Airways, represented by the International Association of Machinists (IAM), ratified three collective bargaining agreements overing more than 11,000 employees. The agreements will remain in effect for the US Airways employees until a joint collective bargaining agreement covering the 30,000 employees of the new American Airlines has been reached.

    “We are pleased we have reached these agreements,” said Doug Parker, chairman and CEO of American Airlines. “We want to thank the International Association of Machinists leadership and negotiators for their professionalism and hard work on behalf of their members. We would also like to express our appreciation to the National Mediation Board, Board Member Linda Puchala and Mediator Walter Darr for their assistance in reaching these agreements. These agreements will allow us to focus on the next steps for integrating our airlines, and we can now start the process of bringing these employee groups together with their co-workers from American through joint collective bargaining agreements.”

    The ratification continues progress on labor agreements at American Airlines since the merger with US Airways closed on December 9, 2013. Negotiations for joint flight attendant and pilot agreements are underway, and processes are in place to ensure that joint collective bargaining agreements for those groups will be reached soon.

    Copyright Photo: Tony Storck/ Airbus A319-132 N837AW (msn 2595) in the special  NFL “Arizona Cardinals” livery arrives at Baltimore/Washington.

    US Airways: AG Slide Show

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  • Sat, 19 Jul 2014 17:26:03 +0000

    EasyJet announces a new base in Amsterdam

    EasyJet (UK) ( (London-Luton) has announced it will open a base at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from Spring 2015. Amsterdam now becomes easyJet’s 26th network base.

    EasyJet has offered service to and from Schiphol since 1996. This announcement marks easyJet’s first ever base in the Netherlands and further strengthens the airline’s long term strategic position at Amsterdam Schiphol, where it holds a 9% market share. Amsterdam is already one of the airline’s most successful network points with more than 3.5 million passengers flying annually to and from 21 destinations.

    Three A320 aircraft will be based at Amsterdam Schiphol. This will enable EasyJet to offer more early morning departures which are popular with business passengers, expand the number of cities easyJet connects to Amsterdam while also building a stronger outbound schedule for Dutch leisure travellers. With this extra capacity EasyJet expects to fly an additional 600,000 passengers next year, an incremental 16% year-on-year increase, giving a whole new generation of easyJet customers access to Europe’s best point to point network.

    EasyJet will add Hamburg as its newest destination from Amsterdam starting in November 2014, with additional routes launched later this autumn.

    Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems/ Airbus A319-111 G-EZIW (msn 2578) rests at the gate at Amsterdam in the special “Inate-Fiumicino Per Tutti (For All)” livery.

    EasyJet (UK): AG Slide Show


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    US-Bangla Airlines starts operations on July 17

    US-Bangla DHC-8-400 S2-AGV (14)(Grd)(US-Bangla)(LRW)

    US-Bangla Airlines (Dhaka) is a new airline in Bangladesh. The new airline commenced operations on July 17 with two Bombardier DHC-8-402s (Q400s). The company is a subsidiary of the US-Bangla Group, a United States-Bangladesh joint venture company.

    Daily flights were launched from Dhaka to Chittagong and Jessore. Services to  Barisal, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Saidpur and Rajshahi are being planned.

    Copyright Photo: US-Bangla Airlines. The pictured Bombardier DHC-8-402 (Q400) S2-AGV (msn 4044) is the first aircraft for the new airline.

    Route Map:

    US-Bangla 7.2014 Route Map (LRW)

    Video: The first US-Bangla TV advertisement:


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    International calls to secure the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17 increase

    The crash site of Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur) flight MH 17 with the pictured Boeing 777-2H6 ER 9M-MRD (msn 28411) in the Russian-speaking rebel-controlled part of eastern Ukraine remains largely unsecured. The world is calling for the crash site evidence to be properly secured.

    From CNN:

    “Bodies, backpacks, passports and other piles of debris lay splayed across a miles-long area in the remote area in eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 came down. The crash site is massive — an international observer called it “one of the biggest crime scenes in the world right now.”

    “Concern is growing that the site has not been sealed off as it should have been and that vital evidence is being tampered with. Meanwhile, armed rebels have greeted international observers with hostility.
    Experts say that this crash investigation is unprecedented due to the site’s immense size and the lack of access given to investigators.”

    Read the full report: CLICK HERE

    Malaysia MH 17 Crash Site (Google Maps)

    Google Maps above: The location of the crash site in the eastern Russian-speaking (disputed) portion of the Ukraine near Donetsk.

    Malaysia MH 17 Heartfelt Message

    Meanwhile Malaysia Airlines today issued these two statements (and the message above) on the tragic crash of flight MH 17:

    The first statement – from the Press Briefing by Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Transport:


    Today Malaysia Airlines have released the final list of nationalities on board flight MH 17. Each of the numbers represents a life lost, and a family in anguish. After this press conference, Malaysia Airlines will release the full passenger manifest.

    Malaysia mourns the loss of all 298 passengers and crew. We feel for their families. And we promise to do all we can to ensure that the investigation is completed, and that justice is done.


    Malaysia is deeply concerned that the crash site has not been properly secured. The integrity of the site has been compromised, and there are indications that vital evidence has not been preserved in place.

    Interfering with the scene of the crash risks undermining the investigation itself. Any actions that prevent us from learning the truth about what happened to MH 17 cannot be tolerated. Failure to stop such interference would be a betrayal of the lives that were lost.

    Malaysia calls for all parties to protect the integrity of the crash site, and to allow the investigation to proceed. We urge all those involved to respect the families, and the nations who have lost their sons and daughters in this attack.

    Yes, MH 17 has become a geopolitical issue. But we must not forget that it is a human tragedy. Days after the plane went down, the remains of 298 people lie uncovered.

    Citizens of eleven nations – none of whom are involved in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine –cannot be laid to rest. Their lives were taken by violence; now violence stops them being accorded their final respect. This cannot continue.


    Earlier today, Malaysia’s special team arrived in Kiev. We ask for continued support from the Ukrainian government, and the other parties involved, as the team seeks to assist the Ukrainian authorities in recovering and identifying the remains of the passengers and crew, and with the wider investigation.

    The world has a moral obligation to ensure that the remains of all victims are recovered and treated with respect. We will play our part in fulfilling this obligation. That is why, later today, I will join the Malaysian team in Kiev, where I will work with my counterpart in the Ukraine government, to support efforts to retrieve the remains, and to assist with the investigation.

    I will be joined by the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation, the Malaysian investigator in charge, and the Chairman of Malaysia Airlines. The CEO of Malaysia Airlines is already in Kiev.


    On the matter of MH 17’s flight path, I would like to refer to recent reported comments by officials from Eurocontrol, the body which approves European flight paths under ICAO rules.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the officials stated that some 400 commercial flights, including 150 international flights crossed eastern Ukraine daily before the crash. Officials from Eurocontrol also stated that in the two days before the incident, 75 different airlines flew the same route as MH 17.

    MH 17’s flight path was a busy major airway, like a highway in the sky. It followed a route which was set out by the international aviation authorities, approved by Eurocontrol, and used by hundreds of other aircraft. It flew at an altitude set, and deemed safe, by the local air traffic control. And it never strayed into restricted airspace.

    The flight and its operators followed the rules. But on the ground, the rules of war were broken. In an unacceptable act of aggression, it appears that MH 17 was shot down; its passengers and crew killed by a missile.


    This outrage cannot go unpunished. Once again, Malaysia condemns this brutal act of aggression, and calls for those responsible to be found, and to face the full force of justice without delay.

    The second statement from Malaysia Airlines:

    Malaysia Airlines is appealing to the family members or friends of those onboard MH 17 to contact the airline. Enclosed is the MH 17 passenger manifest for reference.

    In the past 45 hours, the airline together with various foreign embassies have made every effort to establish contact with the next-of-kin but is still unable to identify many more family members.

    They are advised to contact Malaysia Airlines’ Family Support Centre at +603 7884 1234 (in Malaysia).

    Alternatively the family or friends may call the numbers below in their respective countries:

    Netherlands (Malaysia Airlines Amsterdam office) +31 20 521 62 62

    Australia (Malaysia Airlines Sydney office) +61 2 9364 3526

    Indonesia (Malaysia Airlines Jakarta office) +62 2 1522 9705

    New Zealand (Malaysia Airlines Auckland office) +64 9 306 3930

    United Kingdom (Malaysia Airlines London office) +44 20 7341 2060

    Germany (Malaysia Airlines Frankfurt office) +49 69 1387 1980

    Philippines (Malaysia Airlines Manila office) + 63 2 889 1863

    As of July 19, 2014, 5:00 pm, the table below shows the latest number of passengers and their nationalities:


    193 (including 1 dual Netherlands/USA citizen)


    43 (including 15 crew & 2 infants)




    12 (including 1 infant)

    United Kingdom

    10 (including 1 dual UK/S. Africa citizen)









    New Zealand




    Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines deployed a ferry flight last night mobilizing 212 personnel from various government and media bodies and its staff to Kiev and Amsterdam in a special mission for MH17. A total of 85 Malaysia Airlines’ ‘Go Team’ members have been deployed, of which five members will join Malaysia’s Special Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (Smart) in the search-and-recovery mission at the crash site in the Donetsk region, while 80 other members comprising care givers and the management team will be stationed in Amsterdam to assist the family members of the passengers.

    MH 5002 departed Kuala Lumpur at 9.30 pm on July 18, 2014 and arrived in Kiev at 2.58 am (local time) on July 19, 2014 with a two hour transit. The aircraft then continued its journey to Amsterdam at 4.50 am (local time) on July 19, 2014 and arrived in Schipol Amsterdam Airport at 5.30 am the same day.

    The mission is also joined by Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport, the National Security Council, Special Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (Smart), Malaysia’s Department of Information, the Royal Malaysian Police, Malaysian Special Air Service, the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Malaysian Armed Forces, Department of Civil Aviation, Chemistry Department, Department of Islamic Advancement of Malaysia and the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) team as well as participating media.

    Finally, Malaysia Airlines requests the cooperation of members of the media to respect the privacy of the grieving families. The airline’s top priority remains to provide care and assistance to the families of the passengers and crew and any information with regards to their movement will not be made public.

    Who are the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine? CNN takes a look at this question: CLICK HERE

    Editorial Comment:

    On a side note, it was fate that selected Malaysia Airlines to be the target for the Russian-speaking separatists in eastern Ukraine. According to U.S. intelligence, the rebels used recently delivered surface-to-air Russian missiles to bring down flight MH 17. Russia will have to answer for its decision to send these dangerous weapons to the Ukraine, a former part of the Soviet Union and a sovereign nation.

    Why Eurocontrol was routing civilian airliners through this known war zone is something that will also have to be answered, especially after two Ukrainian aircraft were previously shot down by the pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine.

    Air India and Singapore Airlines aircraft were also in the area at the time of the shoot down and it was fate that selected the Malaysia Airlines flight over these two flights. Fate has not been kind to Malaysia Airlines this year.

    Bottom line: The remains of the ill-fated passengers need to be returned to their grieving families.

    Where not to fly? The Washington Post has published this map of dangerous areas where the FAA has advised U.S. carriers not to fly: CLICK HERE

    Copyright Photo: James Helbock/ 9M-MRD arrives in Los Angeles.

    Malaysia Airlines: AG Slide Show

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  • Sat, 19 Jul 2014 14:46:45 +0000

    Our Airline to become Nauru Airlines on August 1

    Our Airline (Nauru Air Corporation) (formerly Air Nauru) (Nauru and Brisbane) has decided to rebrand again. The flag carrier of the Republic of Nauru has decided to rename itself as Nauru Airlines effective August 1, 2014.

    Read the full story from the Solomon Star: CLICK HERE

    The airline is also adding a Boeing 737-300 freighter (VH-VLI, msn 27125) per ch-aviation.

    Copyright Photo: John Adlard/ Boeing 737-3Y0 VH-INU (msn 23684) taxies at Sydney.

    Our Airline: AG Slide Show

    Our Airline logo

    Route Map:

    Our Airline 7.2014 Route Map

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