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1st A320neo, will become B-30F5

1st A320neo, will become B-30F5

China Express Airlines Airbus A320-271N WL F-WWDO (B-30F5) (msn 10044) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 950190.

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Fallen Angels - Departed Airlines from the Past (Europe)

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1997

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1997

Fischer Air (Czech Republic) Boeing 737-36N SP-FVO (OK-FIT) (msn 28590) LGW (Antony J. Best). Image: 900656.

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Aer Lingus Boeing 707-348C EI-ANO (msn 18880) SNN (SM Fitzwilliams Collection). Image: 923362.

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Fallen Angels - Departed Airlines from the Past (USA)

Piedmont Commuter (Piedmont Commuter System)-Brockway Air Swearingen Fairchild (SAAB) SF340A N741BA (msn 090) PLB (Jay Selman). Image: 402248.

Piedmont Commuter (Piedmont Commuter System)-Brockway Air Swearingen Fairchild (SAAB) SF340A N741BA (msn 090) PLB (Jay Selman). Image: 402248.

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